Taylor Precision Gauges

Taylor Precision Gauges is a complete line of thread gauges that is designed to meet measuring and gauging requirements in almost any application.

They come in a full range of sizes and tolerances and they measure the thread size and form for both internally & externally threaded products. All Taylor Gauges are marked with their

thread size, form, and tolerance class. Certificates of Accuracy are also available on request.

  • Thread plug gauges (Go/No-Go)
  • Thread ring gauges
  • Non-standard and special gauges

  • Metric
  • UNC
  • UNF
  • UN
  • UNEF
  • NPT

Tolerance Classes
  • 4H / 5H / 6H / 7H
  • 5G / 6G / 7G
  • 2B / 3B
  • Special classes

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