Ripp Lock Washers

RIPP LOCK Washers prevent fasteners from loosening in conditions of extreme vibration or dynamic stress. Due to their high hardness, they can be used with screws of all property classes up to 12.9.

How They Work

RIPP LOCK Washers have radial ribs on both sides. The pitch angle of the ribs is larger than the thread pitch of the screw or nut they are fitted underneath to.

When the screw or nut is assembled, the radial ribs of the RIPP LOCK washer emboss themselves into the counter-surface and in the underside of the screw head, thus allowing only relative movement in the separation gap between the screw head and washer.


Further Benefits
  • Easy assembly and removal � multiple reuse.
  • Economic benefits due to reduction and standardisation of assortment.
  • Small space requirements.
  • Not affected by contact with lubricants or greases.
  • Perfectly suitable for low-strength metals such as aluminium, copper, magnesium etc.
  • Suitable for all property classes up to 12.9.
  • Particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces such as zinc coated, chromium-plated, coated or powder coated surfaces.
  • Immediate effect � no curing.
  • Same temperature range as used screws.
  • Longevity � no ageing, no embrittling or weathering.
  • Almost no mechanical abrasion � no chip formation.

Possible Applications
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