HeliCoil STI Taps

  • also known as taper taps
  • 4 thread chamfer
  • made undersize to reduce the load on finishing taps
  • used for difficult tapping operations and for starting tapping operations on difficult holes

  • also known as intermediate taps
  • 4 thread chamfer
  • used for hand or machine tapping in through holes and blind holes where ample chip clearance is available
  • lead chamfer permits easier starting and requires less tapping torque than bottoming taps

  • also known as plug taps
  • 2 thread chamfer
  • used for tapping blind holes where a maximum number of fully-formed threads are needed in minimum depth holes

Spiral Flute (Machine Tap)
  • 2 thread chamfer
  • can be used manually or attached to tapping drivers
  • specially designed for efficient removal of stringy chips out of deep or blind holes in soft materials (eg. aluminium)
  • spiral flutes aid in directing the swarf backwards out of the hole

Spiral Point (Machine Tap)
  • 2 thread chamfer
  • similar to spiral flute taps except that they are more suitable for through holes on less abrasive materials
  • spiral point taps incorporate an angular grind at the point end of the tap which shears chips and drives the swarf forward of the tap
  • used widely in long through holes and blind holes with ample chip clearance

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