Keensert Key-Locking Inserts

Keenserts provide high strength and reliability and are designed to provide high resistance to rotation and pull-out loads. After installation into the tapped hole, the locking keys on each Keensert are driven down through the threads of the parent material, locking the insert firmly and permanently in place.

Features & Benefits
  • Can be used in virtually any material including aluminum, cast iron, steel, & plastics
  • Positive mechanical lock against rotation
  • High strength and flexibility provides maximum pull out strength
  • Easy installation and removal, can be installed using standard drills and taps.
    However, Keensert installation kits are also available if needed
  • No prewinder tool required
  • Impossible to cross-thread during installation
  • No tang break off needed

Materials & Finishes
  • Materials : carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, Nitronic 60
  • Finishes : silver plate, cadmium plate, dry film lubricant

Thread Types

Keensert Key-Locking Inserts are available in standard & screw lock forms.

  • Metric
  • UNC
  • UNF

Insert Types
  • Miniature
  • Lightweight (Thinwall)
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extra Heavy Duty

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