Farrat Anti-Vibration Pads & Machine Mounts

Excessive machine vibration can affect machine performance as well as damage buildings and structures. In addition, vibration transmitted into the air becomes noise that can be harmful and annoying.

Farrat Anti-Vibration Pads are made of high grade Nitrile Rubber, which has excellent oil & chemical resistance properties and they effectively isolate, control, & reduce the level of disturbing vibrations transmitted to or from a machine, building, or structure.

Features & Benefits
Farrat Vibration Isolation Pads provide:

  • Excellent vibration isolation, shock protection, and noise control in machinery
  • Reduced internal machine vibration
  • Protection of factory floors & structures, sensitive machines & equipment, people, from external shocks and vibrations
  • Reduced machine maintenance costs

  • Printing machines, large presses, power presses, packaging machines, diesel generators
  • Shipboard machinery, pumps & compressors, hydraulic power packs, drilling machines
  • Grinding machines, lathes, machining centres, injection moulding machines, blow moulders
  • Long bed & top heavy machines, assembly machines
  • Test, measuring, electronic & optical equipment, microscopes, laser & other optical devices

Squaregrip SG

Most commonly used type, the Squaregrip SG is a high strength, high stability vibration damping material for machinery needing vibration damped support with minimum machine movement


Elastic, high shock & vibration damping material with excellent chemical resistance properties

Vidam VM

General purpose machine mounting anti vibration material offering good chemical resistance, moderate load capacity & good seating between machine & floor


Highly elastic material with excellent shock absorption and vibration isolation properties

Machine Mounts
Precision, height adjustable, vibration damping machine mounts for accurate, efficient & economical machine installation
Wedgemounts - Leveling Elements
Precision wedge levelling units for rigid machine support
  • Height adjustable, high performance shock & vibration damping machine mounts
  • Excellent grip, oil & chemical resistance, and stability
  • Oil & chemical resistance
  • Machines can be installed rapidly without bolting down
Isobloc ISB
  • High load capacity mounts for impact machinery
  • Excellent vertical and horizontal shock and vibration isolation performance
  • Machine installation without bolting down

  • High performance vibration damping mounts for machines
  • Suited to levelling screw support
  • Excellent floor contact and high friction grip
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
Captive Jackmounts
  • Jackmounts with Captive Pendulum Screw
  • Suited to levelling screw support
  • Pendulum screw tilts up to 5� in any direction
  • For mounting, levelling and vibration damping of machines and equipment in all industries

MF Mounts
  • Machine feet with oil resistant nitrile rubber pad bonded to steel cover
  • Excellent vibration damping & high friction grip
  • Swivelling adjusting screw tilts up to 5� in any direction

LF Mounts

Solid stainless steel machine and equipment levelling mounts

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