Catches & Strikers

The OJOP brand is well known in the industrial community for its range of quality catches & strikers and is synonymous with high standards of reliability and usability.

OJOP components feature quick mounting and dismantling of various elements and the strength and function of OJOP catches & strikers are designed to meet the most stringent demands of permanent installation.

100-500 Series

These ranges of catches are highly durable and shock resistant, making them ideal for use in rugged environments.

700 Series

This range of catches are strong and functional. They are also the most popular catches in the OJOP range.

900 Series

These are one hand operated, space saving, fully closed designs.

OJOP Quick Power 2000 Battery Connectors

The Quick Power 2000 Snap-On Battery Connectors are heavy-duty products equivalent to those designed for permanent connection.

These connectors serve as safe, reliable master switches and are also designed to accommodate jump leads when connected to the battery.

Features & Benefits
  • The battery can be easily disconnected and moved to another car, leisure vehicle, boat, etc or can be taken indoors in cold weather
  • Unlike traditional terminals, no tools needed are needed when connecting or disconnecting the Quick Power 2000
  • With the Quick Power 2000, the battery can be disconnected in a few seconds, thus preventing discharging. The plastic covers eliminate the risk of electrical shock entirely
  • Made of corrosion-resistant materials
  • Quick Power 2000 Connectors makes installation of batteries in tight spaces easier

  • Applications

    Automotive : cars, trucks, boats, caravans, motor homes, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, laboratories, solar cells, road work illumination, emergency lighting

    Marine : boats, motor homes, solar cells, recreational vehicles, provided that they use the bolt-wing-nut battery type. The marine connector also fits the traditional batteries


    Material:Stainless steel 316, polypropylene, tin-plated 12 microns copper-zinc alloy
    Net weight:170 grams,6.0 oz per pair
    Batteries:Fit all SAE and DIN marine & car batteries, deep-cycle batteries
    Resistance:Approx. 0.12 �O at 10 A. Maximum 800 amp.
    Cable cross-section approx. 35 mm2, bolted connector.
    American wire gauge no. 1�2.
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