Self Tapping Inserts

Self Tapping Inserts (also known as self threaded inserts or Ensats) are cylindrical metal bushings with internal and external threads and are specially designed to cut their own threads as they are being driven into a drilled hole. They provide permanent wear-resistant threads in a wide range of materials, from tough to tap, high strength steels to brittle plastics.

The thread cutting action is performed by the cutting slots on the insert. By tapping its own thread, the self tapping insert eliminates the need for pre-tapped holes.

Features & Benefits
  • Self tapping - no pre-tapping required
  • Very high pull-out resistance
  • Highly resistant to vibration, can withstand vibration without loosening
  • Produces high quality, permanent, wear-resistant threads
  • Unlimited thread re-usability
  • Protects expensive components from damage
  • Easy to install, standard taps can be used
  • Wide variety of styles to fit almost every application

  • Passenger & commercial vehicles, engines, transmissions, radiators
  • Marine
  • Military applications - tanks, aircraft
  • Plant & equipment construction
  • Office machinery
  • Household appliances - vacuum cleaners, cameras, sun lamps
  • Heavy machinery

  • Unhardened steel
  • Case hardened steel, zinc-plated
  • Case hardened steel, zinc-plated, yellow chromated
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass

Thread Types
  • Metric
  • UNC
  • UNF

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