The Bollhoff Rivnut range of blind rivet nuts are single component fasteners installed �blind� from one side of the workpiece without access to the other. They are used to provide precision, high strength threads within components of limited thickness in metals, plastics, resins, and other materials.

Not only do they offer highly reliable, stress resistant, fast installation in thin walled parts and hollow profiles, Bollhoff Rivnuts also permit blind riveting, combinations of riveting and screwing together of different parts, as well as spray water-tight sealed screw connections.

Features & Benefits
  • Most versatile solution for adding a load carrying internal or external thread to thin-walled workpieces
  • Are often the only fastener solution for hollow sections, housings or where access is limited to one side of a component
  • No preparation is required for installation other than to drill or pierce a hole in the components to be riveted
  • No additional finishing required after setting, even with coated or painted components
  • Can be installed at almost any point of the production process into plastics, ceramic components, and all metals
  • No heat, toxic fumes, or gases are produced during installation
  • Do not subject the components to the damaging effects of high temperatures
  • Cumbersome presses or pliers are not required
  • Connections can be safely made and remade without loss of performance


  • Cars and motorcycles, bumpers, safety belts, airbags
  • Commercial vehicles, trailers, fire engines
  • Electrical & electronic products, safety cabinets
  • Food processing industry - ovens, extraction hoods, fast food counters
  • Heating and ventilation plant, air conditioning units, heating boilers
  • Office furniture, cash registers, chairs, desks, photocopiers
  • Building and civil engineering, street lighting, furniture, conservatories
  • Leisure areas, climbing walls, yachts, swimming pools

Materials & Finishes
  • Aluminium
  • Steel - zinc plated, yellow passivated
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass

Other surface treatments are available on request for different corrosion resistance requirements.

Round body, plain, flat head Round body, plain, countersunk head
Round body, plain, extra small countersunk head Round body, linear knurls in grip range, flat head
Round body, linear knurls in grip range, countersunk head Round body, linear knurls in grip range, extra small countersunk head
Hexagonal body, extra small countersunk head Hexagonal body, extra small countersunk head, optimised head projection
Hexagonal body, flat head


Bollhoff Rivstuds are a range of blind rivet studs installed �blind� on one side. When anchored by the upsetting of the plain shaft segment, they leave a quality male thread of up to 100mm for component attachment.

Bollhoff Rivstuds allow the supported component to be prepositioned on the supporting part. This is particularly useful for heavy or large components or where the mountings are hidden.

Features & Benefits

Bollhoff Rivstuds offer all the advantages of Bollhoff Rivnuts i.e. ease and economy of installation, flexibility and environmental sustainability.

  • Light construction, aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, household appliances
  • Fastening of fuel tanks, oil reservoir lids/covers
  • Refrigeration plant, ventilation systems, air conditioning equipment
  • Securing panels and hoses to vehicle chassis, rails in switch cabinets
  • Exhausts or electrical components in motor vehicles

  • Round body, flat head
  • Round body, countersunk head

  • Extra large head. Able to take higher mechanical loads
    Knurled, extra small head. Very small or no head projection Hexagon body & flat head. For increased turning resistance
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